Mountain Buggy Terrain Single Stroller Review

MOuntain BUggy Terrain stroller

I promised that I would only review fixed wheel strollers here because they are real jogging strollers, designed for safe speed which is very important. But, taking into account the current trend to discontinue the best of them (with the Joovy Zoom … [Read more]

Walking Looks from Vogue

Walking looks_ Vogue_Sasha Pivovarova_for US Vogue

No, I can't resist this - wonderful  "walkable" looks from US Vogue! There have always been so few styles that I could wear everyday, because what I need as a walking mom doesn't look particularly glamorous: I need flat shoes, comfort and spare … [Read more]

Sweets for slim ladies

Maracuya Macarons

Little patisserie gems Have your macaron - and eat it! No, I'm not just all about the veggies or a no-carbohydrates mom. I love sweets! Everything including Cinnabon, even though I know I shouldn't.   Macarons, however, are at the lower … [Read more]

Taking Corners With Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller


Turning a fixed-wheel jogging stroller can sometimes feel like driving a car without power steering. Especially when you have a bigger stroller or a bigger child. But never fear - Walkingmama is here to help! Just follow these two tips to make … [Read more]

Transform your Christmas Lanterns for Valentine’s

Merry DIY Christmas Lanterns

Well, I'm a bit late with my Happy New Year's wishes. But, really, most people send greetings and congratulations before the NY and no one seems to feel that cheerful or festive just a couple of weeks later! I'd like to remedy this immediately … [Read more]

Tragedy in Latvia

Mourning day

A Day of Mourning for Latvia At least 51 people have died as a result of a supermarket roof collapsing in Riga. Was it the builders' fault? Did the authorities turn a blind eye to a building they knew wouldn't pass regulations? Or was it because … [Read more]

The Baby Jogger F.I.T. Single Stroller Review

Baby Jogger FIT single Stroller_black

[UPDATE] This review has been updated with the customers feedback on this site in 2013. Baby Jogger FIT really suits taller kids and is typically recommended for older kids. For babies, it's a bit rough due to the lack of shocks. It's lightweight and … [Read more]